Updating properties file java

The list separator ("," by default), can also be escaped: When dealing with lists of elements that contain backslash characters (e.g.

Set; public class Property Files Util Start of write Property File DB.properties written successfully written successfully End of write Property File Start of read Property File DB.properties::= localhost DB.properties::= user DB.properties::= password DB.properties:: XYZ = null DB.xml::= localhost DB.xml::= user DB.xml::= password DB.xml:: XYZ = null End of read Property File Start of read All Keys DB.properties:: Key=db.user::value=user DB.properties:: Key=db.host::value=localhost DB.properties:: Key=db.pwd::value=password DB.xml:: Key=db.user::value=user DB.xml:: Key=db.host::value=localhost DB.xml:: Key=db.pwd::value=password End of read All Keys Exception in thread "main"

I have a customer who wants the ability to modify the .properties files packaged in the web applications WAR file so that they have the control to modify environments at settings.

They will be hosting this site on their own servers so I can't say I blame them but I am a little unsure what the best course is.

Hi all, Very URGENT : Can anybody provide source code for updating property file I ve a property file which is to be updated with new value.

Thanks Arup Properties file is nothing but a simple file.

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