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Our online dating packages offer affordability and flexibility which combines to allow you to offer your members a truly engaging experience.

Packed with useful features such as groups, forums, social networking, flirts, skype connectivity and much more. Whether your online dating site is targeting the international market or a niche segment of this vast and expanding business sector, you will quickly appreciate the comprehensive features included in the dating software and the design flexibility provided by the "skin" template engine.

In order to start a regular business like a restaurant or a bakery, you may need start-up costs in excess of k, and there's also a ton of work before you can hope to get any of that money back.

This means that you become the sole owner of the site, with absolute and total control of how it looks, operates, and makes money.

Out of the box, Ska Date comes with all essential dating features and monetization tools.

On top of that, the open source platform utilized by the solution allows easy plug-and-play installation of hundreds of additional features – something other dating software vendors do not have, or repackage as expensive standalone dating modules.

"Four years ago I made the best decision and investment of my life purchasing their awesome software.

It has launched my site to a new level and I have been self-employed full time the past 3 1/2 years." Read more...

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