Teachers intimidating students

In recent years, a slew of books have offered parents ample insight into the minds of young bullies.But what if it's the teacher who screams, threatens, or uses biting sarcasm to humiliate a child in front of the class?Later, in physical education class, the student asked the teacher how Donald Trump was going to find her family. teacher fired after student recorded him taunting Latino students Trump would deport their parents.The teacher curtly told the young student that they had all of her contact information so that Trump could easily find her. #Morning Joe https://t.co/j W9I6kte Ip pic.twitter.com/95d7w BDMp3 — THE CONNET (@THEAlleyeceeing) November 14, 2016 reported that the mother of the child, Jennifer Reynaga, was shocked over the incident.

There are a few bad apples, but the vast majority of teachers go beyond the call of duty.

Two Palm Beach Lakes teachers have alerted Superintendent Robert Avossa that they believe their principal and the area superintendent are harassing and intimidating students who spoke out about their lack of a geometry teacher at a school board meeting earlier this week.

They also repeat claims the students made after school Thursday that Principal Cheryl Mc Keever told the geometry students they don’t have a teacher because they ran off the job candidate.

asked questions and then asked to sign an affidavit about his complaints outside the presence of his parents. Coleman said she was not at these meetings, but a representative from the district’s personnel office was.

“Several of the issues brought forward by the student required follow-up.

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