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It’s a great deal if you want to have access to Apple’s library of music from any of your devices.

For the i Tunes playlist syncing via the i Cloud Music Library to work, you must subscribe to Apple Music or use Apple i Tunes Match (there is an individual plan for .99/mo).

What I discovered is that it is actually quite easy to do, once you know how to do it. Hopefully this will work for you but it does have some prerequisites and requirements.

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If you don’t subscribe to Apple Music or Apple i Tunes Match, you probably need to follow the traditional way of syncing i Tunes playlists.Take a look at this tutorial for more information on how to refresh the media database.Unfortunately, i Syncr does not support video playlists. The i Tunes update time is specific for customers who use smart playlists.Just the other day, my wife asked me a tech question that I really didn’t know. It was: “how can I get my i Tunes playlist onto my i Phone? She had created several i Tunes playlists on her PC but she just couldn’t sync it over to her i Phone.I quickly tried a few things that had worked in the past, like trying to check off playlists to sync via a manual sync, but I too, couldn’t seem to get it to work.So I got to thinking, maybe there were others struggling to get their i Tunes Playlists to sync as well.I decided to dive into it a bit deeper and figured I would document the process that worked for me.1.) On your device, open up the Play Store 2.) Go to the "My Apps” section 3.) If i Syncr has an update it will say "Update" 4.) Click on the button and download the update i Syncr does not scan for new media, your device does.However, we added the ability for i Syncr to show you that this is happening, because all of your playlists will not be available until this process is done, which confuses some customers.For example, if a Smart Playlist already contains every track from the library that meets its criteria, its tracks can’t be deleted.A Smart Playlist that uses “Limit to” and “Live updating” criteria is more inclined to be dynamic.

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