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Walter Thompson and we had a meeting to look for alternative uses for Nestle products. One account guy, an avid sailor, said he found relief from really bad sunburn by soaking in a tub of warm water and an entire jar of Nestea. Right then and there, I thought, “This information belongs in a book.” That was the inspiration for “Polish Your Furniture with Pantyhose: And Hundreds of Offbeat Uses for Brand-Name Products” (in 1995). Before, we were really bare-bones and totally roughing it. If there’s a dripping faucet where you’re staying, you can tie floss to the top, and water will go down the floss into the drain without a sound. If one sheet isn’t enough, you have all those other belt loops. In your introduction to “Last-Minute Travel Secrets,” you write that you and your wife, Debbie, backpacked around the world for two years. Ten years ago, when our daughters were 11 and 16, we did a round-the-world-in-56-days trip. You can repair backpacks and tents with it, and it’s more durable than thread. And bags are great for tubes of toothpaste or anything that can explode or leak. For mosquitoes, put a Bounce fabric softener sheet in your belt loop. It has to be the original Bounce, which is called “Outdoor Fresh.” That has oleander.She spilled about her style, and her advice for accessorizing.To find out her favorite You Tubers, check out our Q&A below!You see indentations, scars, varicose veins."Ellison has a point; technically speaking, pantyhose can indeed improve the appearance of a woman's legs.Still, no matter the cosmetic benefits of pantyhose, no matter how much men of a certain age long to see our legs encased in them — when it comes to this subject, I never hear from younger men, probably because they didn't grow up surrounded by women who wore them — pantyhose will never make a comeback. Made for convenience, comfort Pantyhose — invented by, you guessed it, a man — debuted in 1959 as a convenient and more comfortable alternative to stockings and garters.

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You know how when you’re exhausted, you try to sleep with your head on the tray table? They sell devices now for that, but who’s going to carry that around? You’ve already covered sunburn, but what are some other tips for the Sunshine State? First, let’s talk about love bugs, which can totally cover your car.

It’s best with a sweatshirt over it so you don’t slide. The photos of you in the book are pretty funny, like where you’re using your beach ball on the tray table, or you’ve fashioned an eye mask with a maxi pad. The food coloring doesn’t mess up the taste or quality. You grew up in the Miami area and still visit family there.

And most parts of the world are a lot less expensive than the U. We’re both adventurous and share a sense of wonder. When you’re done for the day, just wipe and they’ll slide off.

The thing about traveling around the world is that once you start, it’s easy to keep going. Before you start a road trip, spray vegetable oil on the hood and grill.

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