Eclipse sirius updating

I have an xml file and when i save it an emf model instance is created programmatically.

So I get the root element of my newly created model instance (updated Root Object) and then I use a Recording Command to update the diagram like this: String aird File Path = "/my/aird/path"; URI aird File URI = URI.create Platform Resource URI(aird File Path, true); Session session = Session Manager.

Deferred Layout Execute With Result(Deferred Layout at org.command.

The complete JUnit and SWTBot test suites used to validate Sirius are published along with all their dependencies in separate update-sites from the core, available at: Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) is the reference platform.

The complete list of (84) tickets fixed in Sirius 4.0.0 can be found here on the Bugzilla.

Abstract Transactional Execute(Abstract Transactional at org.workspace.

Sirius enables the specification of a modeling workbench in terms of graphical, table or tree editors with validation rules and actions using declarative descriptions.

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