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Guided by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, inspectors throughout North America will conduct tens of thousands of checks on trucks and drivers at 1,500 locations during this three-day stretch, looking for all manner of safety violations – especially those involving brakes....More When James Houston saw his mother-in-law during a visit to her hospital room, her jaw hit the floor. You've dated a lot of nice girls but none of them seemed like marriage material?

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See: https:// need help with openvpn-server when doing ./build-ca I get the error ./build-ca: line 8: ./pkitool: No such file or directory | now there is a in the dir set to 775 does anybody happen to have the correct pkitool for me, since I can't find it on the net anywhere, please? The mixer isnt detecting anything ( I cant go to the volume control menu ) and whenever I try to play an mp3 I get "[../../../src/audio_oss.c:188] error: Can't open default sound device! i am running ubuntu on my ps3, and i edited the file. what command can i enter at the boot: that will stop it from autobooting?Through the SSO server a user now gets authenticated and receives a token that authenticates the user with other v Center components without having to Sign-On again.Some users ran into some minor issues when installing SSO.Before installing the v Center Server component it is adviced to manually add Active Directory Authentication to SSO.For my homelab environment the domain name is “vanzanten.local”, the primary and secondary URL are references to both my domain controllers.Most common issue is “Error 29115 Cannot authenticate to DB”.An error which I encountered myself was “Error 29155 Identity source discovery error”.Six consecutive months of strong Class 8 order volume ended abruptly in May, according to data tracked by research firm Stifel Capital Markets.Class 8 orders in May topped 16,800 units and while that’s up 18% compared to the same month in 2016, it’s down 30% sequentially from April and below expectations, noted Michael Baudendistel, vice president of Stifel’s transportation and logistics research group, in a statement....More It’s that time again; time for truck stop chain Travel Centers of America LLC (Travel Centers), operator of the TA and Petro Stopping Centers locations, to begin accepting nominations for its 2018 “Citizen Drivers.” The citizen driver program, launched in 2013, is designed to recognize professional drivers who evoke public respect for the truck driving profession through good citizenship, safety, community involvement, health and wellness, and leadership, the company noted....More The 30th annual Roadcheck International inspection blitz is just around the corner, scheduled for June 6-8.

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