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Dubbed ‘the little lady with the big voice’, the 5ft 2in songstress has sold more than 30 million records globally and had five top ten albums in the UK (most notably her hugely successful debut album Not That Kind in 2000) The 47-year-old American singer, best known for belting out the tortured lyrics, in her growling mezzo voice, of hits such as ‘I’m Outta Love’ and ‘Left Outside Alone’, has the ability to make even breast cancer seem funny at times.

I am in stitches as she talks about her ‘twins’, or her ‘twinset’, as she calls them: the perfect new ‘rack’ (her word, not mine) of which she became the proud mother after a gruelling double mastectomy in 2013.

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Also she has been in multiple relationships and with so much fan following as well as media coverage; we have come to know the details of her romantic life.

Today Anastasia is almost an international dating version of Tinder.

Not exactly, because the men do pay, but it feels a lot more like a modern social media focused dating site than the simple “catalogs” model that re-started the mail order bride industry in the 1970s.

Born on the 17th of September, 1968 in Chicago, Illinois; she was born as the only daughter to father Robert Newkirk and mother Diane Hurley.

Both her parents had European ethnicity, as her father was of German decent while her mother had Dutch.

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